The world’s first hot pink Tesla Model 3 is here – and it’s amazing!

Do you love the color pink? Maybe it’s one of your favorite hues, or maybe you just can’t stand it! Either way, there’s something about the shade of hot pink that seems to capture people’s imaginations. We’ve seen it used in everything from eye shadow to handbags to motorcycles – and now, we can add electric cars to the list! That’s right, the first hot pink Tesla Model 3 in the world was revealed and it looks absolutely stunning!

When they first released the Model 3, Tesla promised that customers would be able to customize their cars with different colors and even choose special features like all-wheel drive or larger batteries if they needed them. But this is Tesla we’re talking about here – and if you know anything about Elon Musk or his companies, then you know that things are always taken one step further than expected. And when it comes to hot pink Tesla Model 3s?

Introducing the world’s first hot pink Tesla Model 3

Tesla has been known for their high-quality electric vehicles. And now, they have created the world’s first hot pink Tesla Model 3. The exterior color of this car is a deep, rich shade of magenta that can be seen from miles away. This unique color is paired with a matching ‘Taupe Grey’ leather interior that provides the perfect contrast to the bright exterior.

In addition to all of its fancy colors, this car has some other great features. It can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.6 seconds. And, with a top speed of 140 mph, it can keep up with traffic and more. The base price of a Model 3 starts at $44,000 which makes it very affordable compared to other electric cars on the market today such as those made by BMW or Mercedes-Benz that cost $68,000 or more!

Why this car is so special

Tesla has had a lot of success with their electric cars, but one thing that has been hard for some people to get past is the fact that they’re all black. That changed when this Hot Pink Tesla Model 3 was unveiled at the LA Auto Show, and now there are no more excuses. The car looks like a neon dream in person, and if you can’t tell from the photos, we assure you that it’s even better in real life.

The Pink Tesla car was shown off at a big reveal event, so be sure to check out our gallery of photos taken by photographer James Lipman. Though Tesla hasn’t released any specific information about pricing yet, we have some details that we can share with you. We know that there will be three tiers: Standard Range, Long Range, and Performance. These three levels will start at $35,000 for Standard Range (220 miles of range) up to $78,000 for Performance with a 280 mile range.

What makes this car so unique

Pink Tesla has a lot of cool features, but what makes it so special is that its color. The exterior of the car, as well as the interior design, are all hot pink. This means that no matter where you go, people will know that you drive this car. It also makes for a very beautiful piece of art on the road. In addition to the uniqueness of its color, this Tesla model also has a number of safety features such as automatic emergency braking and lane-keeping assistance.


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