Can’t decide between the RTX 3050 and the RX 560? We compare the two GPUs and see which one comes out on top

The RTX 3050 vs RX 560 are both high-performance budget graphics cards that you can use to play games at 1440p and 4K resolutions with decent frame rates. But, which one is better? In this article, we’ll be comparing the two cards head to head in terms of specs, performance, and price, in order to help you decide which one you should buy. We’ll start by taking an in-depth look at each card individually, and then we’ll compare them head to head. Let’s get started!

If you’re looking to get the best possible PC gaming experience, then it’s important to get the best graphics card you can. While the RTX 3050 and the RX 560 are both graphics cards that are very popular in their respective leagues, they’re quite different in terms of how they work, how fast they go and what kind of performance you can expect to see from them when you use them for your gaming needs. So which one should you buy? Let’s find out!

RTX 3050 Vs RX 560

The Nvidia Geforce RTX 3050 is a high-end graphics card, designed for gaming. The Nvidia Geforce RTX 3050 is 213% faster for 1440p gaming than the Radeon RX 560. It also has a more powerful VRAM of 4GB vs 2GB. The GeForce RTX 3050’s TDP stands at 120W as opposed to the RX 560’s 110W.

The Nvidia Geforce RTX 3050 is better for intense games such as GTA V, Fallout 4 and Black Ops III. While the Nvidia Geforce RTX 3050 might be slightly slower in terms of raw power, it is worth mentioning that it consumes less power. Both cards are suited for 1080p or lower resolutions but if you have the budget and don’t mind paying extra then go for the Nvidia Geforce RTX 3050.

Performance Showdown – RTX3050

The AMD Radeon RX 560 is a lower-end GPU, but still a good option for those who can’t afford to spend much. It’s based off the Polaris 20 architecture and has 2GB of VRAM with 128-bit memory bandwidth. The NVIDIA RTX 3050 is also an entry level GPU, but it has significantly more power than the RX 560.

It was released as a part of NVIDIA’s new Turing architecture and features 4GB of VRAM with 256-bit memory bandwidth. In terms of price, you’ll pay $100 more for an RTX 3050 than you will for a RX 560. You can also get a slight discount by buying a used or refurbished NVIDIA RTX 3050 on Ebay.

With that said, we’re not sure if it’s worth it to spend $100 more when there are other similar mid-range GPUs available at a lower price point. For example, later on  NVIDIA released their new GTX 1660 Ti with 6GB of VRAM.

SpecsRTX 3050RX 560
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050AMD Radeon RX 560
Price$ 200.0$ 99.0101 (50%)
Year202120174 (0%)
Maximum Recorded Temperature68C62C6 (9%)
Max Fan Noise42dB41.7dB0.3 (1%)
Recommended Power Supply350W425W75 (21%)
Benchmark CPUIntel Core i9-10900K ($590)Intel Core i7-7700K @ 4.20GHz ($354.99)
CPU Impact on FPS+0.0 FPS+0.0 FPS0 (0%)
CPU Impact on FPS %0.0%0.0%0 (0%)
Benchmark Quality SettingsUltra Quality SettingsUltra Quality Settings
Average 1080p Performance92.9 FPS30.5 FPS62.4 (67%)
Average 1440p Performance68.5 FPS21.9 FPS46.6 (68%)
(Ultrawide) Average 1440p Performance58.6 FPS18.6 FPS40 (68%)
Average 4K Performance41.1 FPS12.9 FPS28.2 (69%)
Memory4 GB4 GB0 (0%)
1080p Cost Per Frame$ 2.2$ 3.31.1 (50%)
1440p Cost Per Frame$ 2.9$ 4.51.6 (55%)
(Ultrawide) 1440p Cost Per Frame$ 3.4$ 5.31.9 (56%)
4K Cost Per Frame$ 4.9$ 7.72.8 (57%)
VariantNVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050AMD Radeon RX 560
Overall Combination Score 90/10066/10024 (27%)
We come with the Result:  Comparison rtx 3050 vs rx 560 lead us to know thatThe RTX 3050 is preferably faster by 213% for 1440p gaming etc. The performance ratio is comparatively better for RTX 3050 .

Conclusion & Value

So if you’re looking for a GPU that’s going to last, then we recommend the RTX 3050. With its performance and speed, it can handle any game you throw at it. Plus, with a 3-year warranty, you don’t have to worry about it breaking down in just a few months. With that said, there is no denying that the RX 560 has some great features and is much more affordable.

If your budget is tight but you want a good graphics card, then this is the best option for you.
You won’t need to worry about upgrading anytime soon because even though it has less power than the RTX 3050, it still does an excellent job of playing games smoothly at 1080p.


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