Boston Sports Journal: The Professional, Credentialed and Flying Collection of Journalists Covering Patriots

Boston sports journal continues to grow into one of the most respected Boston collections of sportswriters, broadcasting professionals, and editors in the world. Based out of Boston, Massachusetts, boston sports journal offers readers in-depth analysis and coverage of all things Patriots football, Red Sox baseball, Bruins hockey, Celtics basketball and Patriots basketball. In the growing digital world, boston sports journal can be accessed with ease on any device at anytime through their website or through several different apps that can be downloaded on phones and tablets.

What is Boston Sports Journal?

The Boston Sports Journal is a professional collection of journalists who are credentialed to cover the Boston Red Sox, the New England Patriots, the Boston Bruins and more. The BSBJ is a fast-growing organization that covers regional teams with fully credentialed reporters who fly all over the country to cover their games.

As more newspapers cut their sports staff, Boston’s sports journalism landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Gone are specialized beats for teams like the Red Sox and Bruins – replaced by a dwindling collection of general sportswriters who have to cover all things at once. BSBJ’s mission is to get back to that high-caliber reporting we all enjoyed during our childhoods with dedicated beat writers covering teams week after week.

How did it start?

The Boston Sports Journal began as a way for three credentialed journalists to share their insights on the New England Patriots. Since then, it has grown into a fully-credentialed, flying-everywhere collection of professional journalists covering the New England Patriots. As an increasing number of readers demanded in-depth coverage on other sports, they added staff writers who cover Red Sox baseball and Bruins hockey. Their office is situated right near Fenway Park, so you can see some of our editors attending games.

If you’re looking for a place to learn how to become a journalist, check out their contributor guidelines. You can reach them at [email protected]. They want anyone interested in learning about what it takes to get started as a sportswriter.

Who are the people behind it?

The Boston Sports Journal is a group of professional journalists that are credentialed to cover the New England Patriots. They fly around the country to cover games for their readers. They get access to post-game press conferences and interviews with players, coaches and team executives. In addition, they produce original content covering all aspects of football season.

The Boston Sports Journal is a collection of writers from many different sports backgrounds with experience ranging from newspapers to magazines to web sites. They are all credentialed professionals. Some have previously covered football for other organizations and some are first-timers.

What makes it different from other sites?

Boston Sports Journal is the fastest-growing, fully-credentialed, flying-everywhere collection of professional journalists covering the New England Patriots. With more than 50 combined years of experience in journalism in Boston’s sports scene, these journalists have a deep understanding of the team’s culture and can provide a unique point of view for fans as well as thoughtful analysis.

Boston Sports Journal has assembled a team with decades of experience working in print, television and radio in Boston. In fact, five out of six team members have been recognized by regional or national media organizations for their work.

How often do they fly?

They fly all over the country to cover every New England game. They also make weekly trips to follow their Boston teams in the NBA, MLB, NHL and MLS. They’re on the ground for trade deadlines and draft days. They travel internationally to cover national games or compete in international tournaments like the Euroleague Final Four or FIBA World Cup. The only time they don’t fly is when we have a day off or when it’s too cold to go outside!

What kind of journalism do they do?

The Boston Sports Journal is a professional, credentialed and flying-everywhere collection of journalists who cover the Boston area. Dedicated to the coverage of one team with a broad focus on sports journalism in Boston. Providing insightful, entertaining and thoughtful perspectives that you won’t find anywhere else. You will find them at every home game, covering as much of the Patriots’ offseason as possible, attending press conferences, following up on rumors from other beat writers and interviewing members of the organization.

How can you follow them?

Boston sports journal is a professional news source for boston sports. They cover the patriots, the bruins, the red sox, along with other local teams. You can follow them on twitter at @BostonSportsBSJ.
Boston sports journal is a one stop shop for all your boston news.

Their twitter has breaking news, updates during games and great stories all about sports. Their website is also full of quality content so you don’t have to just follow them on twitter because they do have great work over there as well.


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